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 Ki-15 I / II Babs
170,- Kč (6,53 EUR)
 C6N Saiun
170,- Kč (6,53 EUR)
 J2M3 Raiden
130,- Kč (4,99 EUR)
 A5M Claude Family
160,- Kč (6,15 EUR)
 Ki-61 Id Inspection Covers
200,- Kč (7,68 EUR)
 C6N Saiun
170,- Kč (6,53 EUR)



I've decided to make some changes...

I've decided to make some changes to the appearance of the site and to add some new features.

You can look forward for the in-box reviews of the New Japanese kits but als for the older or not well known ones.
Moreover, I'll start to release newsletter in montlhy basis with all new releases and future ones.


DiscountM6A1 Seiran Markings TAM

M6A1 Seiran Markings TAM

100,- Kč (3,84 EUR) 150,- Kč

I eventually added pre-order option for the products that will be released soon. Such marked products can be placed into shopping basket and subsequently added to the current order. As soon as...

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