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 Ki-46 II Dinah
160,- Kč (6,15 EUR)
 Ki-46 II Trainer Dinah
160,- Kč (6,15 EUR)
 Ki-100 I Ko (Fastback)
140,- Kč (5,38 EUR)





The holidays are coming, the heat is here!


Refresh yourself at the pre-holiday DISCOUNT!!!


With our NEWS you'll sweat again!!!





1/48 Ki-51 Sonia for Wingsy Kits

          1/48 D4Y2-S/3 Night Fighter Suisei Vacu Canopy & Mask 

                    1/48 D4Y1/4 Suisei/Judy Vacu Canopy & Mask 

                              1/48 D4Y2/3 Suisei/Judy Vacu Canopy & Mask 

                                        1/72 Ki-46 III KAI Interceptor Dinah HAS

                                                  1/72 Ki-46 II Dinah Trainer HAS

                                                     1/72 A5M2b Early Claude Clear Prop!



    I've decided to make some changes...

    I've decided to make some changes to the appearance of the site and to add some new features. You can look forward for the in-box reviews of the New Japanese kits...

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